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We've worked with 1,540 organizations in New York City.

dashing whippets“Candice Green and Megan Hannay of ZipSprout matched our non-profit, member organization with a leading, publicly-listed firm that was interested in being associated with our membership. Candice and Megan presented the partnership in a highly professional way, and provided stellar references for ZipSprout’s clients. We are extremely pleased with the partnership with our team sponsor, and we are hopeful that we can work together again with ZipSprout again soon.”

Michael C. Alcamo, Board of Directors – Dashing Whippets Running Team, Inc.

Meet New York City

If every New Yorker joined the same conga line, they'd reach San Francisco, then to dip down to Santa Barbara, before the last person in line could move. Just fyi.

This city is the size of some countries, and its multitude of local marketing opportunities reflect its mass.

In our experience, organizations local to New York are generally multicultural and highly varietal, except there does seem to be a trend among food and film festivals. It's not the cheapest city, but it's shiny, and local organizations will go out of their way to make a good impression.