The Local Sponsorship Finder


Looking for PTAs in Pittsburg? Want to sponsor 50 Labor Day Parades? Need to network with lawyers? Searching for event marketing options in Chicago?

With the Local Sponsorship Finder Tool, you can automate city and topic-specific searches for local sponsorship opportunities. We find event sponsorship and nonprofit donation opportunities, so your team can focus on building relationships with local partners.

The Local Sponsorship Finder is our brand-new offering here at ZipSprout, for self-service searches.

Looking to dive right in? Click here to start searching!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZipSprout Outreach?

ZipSprout outreach is our way of connecting your business with the sponsorship opportunity you found on the tool. We will make the initial contact so you don’t have to worry about connecting with the

Why did you create LSF?

We created ZipSprout outreach because we find that the hardest part of finding local sponsorships is the amount of email outreach. It can be tedious and time consuming, we help make this process a bit easier.

What if the organization doesn’t respond?

If an organization does not respond to our outreach emails we will replace this outreach credit with another sponsorship of your choice.

Why should I save a sponsorship?

Saving a sponsorship is essential for keeping track of your top picks. By saving a sponsorship, you will have a short list of the sponsorships that stood out to you. It’s also helpful to keep track of outreach for these opportunities. By clicking “saved sponsorships” you will be able to receive updates