The Local Sponsorship Finder


Looking for PTAs in Pittsburg? Want to sponsor 50 Labor Day Parades? Need to network with lawyers? Searching for event marketing options in Chicago?

With the Local Sponsorship Finder Tool, you can automate city and topic-specific searches for local sponsorship opportunities. We find event sponsorship and nonprofit donation opportunities, so your team can focus on building relationships with local partners.

The Local Sponsorship Finder is our brand-new offering here at ZipSprout, for self-service searches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZipSprout Outreach?

Would you like to search for your own sponsorships options, but do not have time to send emails to all of the organizations that you selected? Have our team of Matchmakers do this work for you! Our team of Matchmakers will reach out to the organization or event to ensure a speedy turn around time for the sponsorship!

Why did you create the Local Sponsorship Finder?

We created the Local Sponsorship Finder tool in order to search for local sponsorship opportunities at scale – while focusing on a specific region, cause, or opportunity.

Why should I favorite a location?

If you are frequently searching for sponsorship options in the same area favoriting a location will help you save time while searching. By favoriting a location, you are able to quickly pick up where you left off.

How do I search by location?

We have a few options to search by a specific location. In the box you can search by Zip Code, City, or Metro Area. You are also able to explore sponsorships on our interactive map as well.