Meet the ZipSprout Specialists

We run marathons and corn mazes. We root for roller derby teams, tutor adult non-readers and teach middle schoolers to code. We love our local breweries and crave neighborhood coffee. We’re the ZipSprout folks, and we’re just as local as you are.

garrett frenchGarrett French


Garrett is ZipSprout’s Chief Strategy Advisor. His creative brain and innovative spirit guide ZipSprout as it grows. Garrett recognized the opportunity that exists in the fragmented hyperlocal space and wanted to find a way to stitch these on and offline opportunities together into a true hyperlocal advertising network. He provides strategic guidance for new clients and is constantly looking for ways for ZipSprout to make a bigger impact.

Jasmine GeorgeJasmine George

Chief Operating Officer

Jasmine loves to be involved in the local community and being a matchmaker at ZipSprout gives her the opportunity to do this full time. When she isn’t connecting with new people, you can find her hiking in Raleigh’s Umstead Park, climbing up rock walls, or taking pictures of the vibrant life in the Triangle.

Grace Abaya


Grace is a very detailed person who loves research and learning new things. Being with ZipSprout, she enjoys analyzing and curating information, as well as reaching out to people. A mother of three young men, she tries to keep up with their lives but on her free time, Grace and her husband try to be involved with Family and Life advocacies in their community.

Jona Panesa


Jona is a crafty mom who loves adventure and travel. On weekends when not busy with cooking, you can see her play with her craft tools for memory keeping. Zipsprout brought new adventures and learning experiences to Jona.

AT_Two-Trees-Blue_ZSAlex Thackeray

Data Analyst

Alex, an economist based in Denver, has over 10 years experience with data collection, management, and analysis for a wide range of government and private clients.  For ZipSprout, Alex helps us develop and explore our proprietary data on non-profits and sponsorships. He’s also an artist, represented by his featured photo.

katie benedetto jonesKatie Benedetto Jones

Frontend Web Developer

Katie’s our frontend developer and designer! Katie loves refining design and user experience to deliver a joyful, consistent experience across ZipSprout marketing sites and apps.

Andy Jones

Backend Web Developer

Andy is our resident geek. He loves backend development and working with large data sets to deliver the muscle of a powerful database and scraping tools.


megan hannayMegan Hannay, Cofounder

Megan developed the ZipSprout process and managed the team of Matchmakers. She also contributed to planning and UX expertise to the ZipSprout app and oversees internal and external content strategy. You can read her previous postings to column on local marketing in Marketing Land or hear her interviews with members of the local ecosystem in her archived podcast, The Zip.

claudiaforzsClaudia Cruz

Claudia enjoys greatly connecting with new people, awesome causes and making good things happen. ZipSprout houses her joy for hard work, team building and new challenges! She enjoys lifting heavy things, cross training and preparing for ultra endurance events.

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